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Dirt Rag


Getting off grid is difficult to imagine -initially. Once you have a space, time can slip as it will.  That is why you doze in and out, when you watch TV. Imagination is something that we have as kiddos. Harder to tread in as adults. When was the last time someone said to you, "imagine if...…..?"

Imagine if we you just go off grid.

Take away the trappings of society.

The clothes.

Pretty Knick knacks.

The house.

Take away the pets.

Take away the windows.

WHERE are you in space?

You are off grid. This role playing game that you have built. It is not what you have built, but who you share it with.


Navier-Stokes has a problem in space. Fluid-dynamics have always made me cringe due to the heavy amount of math. But, the problem of whether or not smooth, and in 3-D befuddles me. I still cringe, probably why it was designated a Millennium Problem in 2000 worth a Million Bucks if solved. So I think water in pipes, what would I do to solve it? Model it.

OpenFOAM is a free model that is fun to play with.  I want to use it to model carbon (C) in a watershed (Casas-Ruiz et al., 2023).

Down the rabbit hole I go.

Smooth smooth smooth. Roughness. 

Google Bard says "roughness refers to the surface texture of a solid object that is in contact with a fluid."

Ok, lets take a simple transfer. CO2 from a lake to the atmosphere. I would trap it just off the surface of the water in a chamber like the volcanologists do. But them I am just measuring the solid chamber against H2O. Fluid into gas.  Don't want to trap it and then sensor the chamber. So.....

Bard says, " CO2 is measured from lake to atmosphere using a technique called eddy covariance. "

Yes, I have heard of this eddy (EC). I tried to make one back in my grad school days. Ended up going to the chamber method on these volcanologist I envied.  Lesson learned on the volcanologists.

EC method engage. Oh wait, lit review and here we go.

And if you need a PhD thesis, get some friends together and build one. Good these things are built in Long-Term-Ecological-Research (LTER) in a network fashion. Used to think that these Scientific and Natural Areas (SNAs) were just a good place to hunt.